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Wholesale Ty Teddy Bears

This web page has information for ordering only wholesale Ty Teddy Bears.

If you want to order an assortment of wholesale Ty Beanie Babies then click here.


Ordering an assortment of wholesale Teddy Bears:

 An assortment of Teddy Bears are $2.99 each.

 Minimum order is one dozen.

●  We pick the styles.

 Current Ty Teddy Bears are not included in the assortments.

 We will ship as many different styles as possible.

 You will receive both stand up and sit up Teddy Bear styles.


Stand up Teddy Bear styles like Curly, Valentino and Ariel.



Sit up Teddy Bear styles like Poopsie, Mistletoe and August.



Order an assortment of Teddy Bears

1 Dozen Teddy Bears
12 x $2.99 = $ 35.88


TOTAL..........$ 49.83

2 Dozen Teddy Bears
24 x $2.99 = $ 71.76



3 Dozen Teddy Bears
36 x $2.99 = $107.64



4 Dozen Teddy Bears
48 x $2.99 = $143.52

Shipping......$  34.95


Click here to place an order for 5 dozen or more Teddy Bears.
Please include the shipping address.
We will email an invoice and payment link to you.


 Orders for one dozen Teddy Bears are shipped by Priority Mail which usually takes two business days to be delivered.

 Orders for two dozen or more Teddy Bears are shipped by UPS which can take up to five business days to be delivered.

Ordering all the same style of a Teddy Bear:

 Minimum order is one dozen.

 You pick the style or styles.

 Click here if you want a price quote for one style of Teddy Bear. Just let us know which style or styles you want and the quantity of each style.

We guarantee that all Teddy Bears are authentic Ty Beanie Babies and are mint with mint tags.

All sales are final on wholesale purchases once they are shipped. There are no returns on wholesale purchases unless we ship you the wrong product or if there is a physical problem with the product.

rdering and Pricing information:

Wholesale Beanie Babies @ $2.39


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   Since 1997
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Hours: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm PT
7 days a week

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The Ty® Corporation has not authorized, sponsored or approved of this Web site and is not
affiliated with BarrysBeanies.com. Beanie Babies® is a registered trademark of the Ty Corporation.




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