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Actually, it is more "about me." My name is Barry Stein and I live in Kirkland, Washington. Because my name is not "Ty Warner," I will have to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can be confident about doing business with me.


I have been selling Ty Beanie Babies online since November 1997. I started selling them on eBay where my user name is BarrysAuctions.

I soon became a Power Seller on eBay with over 1,500 positive feedback. Being a Power Seller means that I was selling a lot of Beanie Babies. Rather then giving me stock options, eBay let me become a member of the Power Seller Program. Thanks eBay!


In January 2001 I said goodbye to eBay and moved my Beanie Baby business to this web site, BarryBeanies.com.

I always do everything I can to make my customers happy because I know happy customers mean repeat business and referrals.

All the Beanie Babies I sell are mint with mint tags. If you ever receive Beanie Babies from me that are not mint, I will exchange them for you and pay for all the postage costs involved in the exchange.

You can verify all the great things I am saying about my business by checking my eBay feedback. Just click on the image below and a new window will open.



Click here to e-mail if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.

Best regards,

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